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About Me

     Thank you for visiting my Yorkie Nest! My name is Robin Landgrebe, owner of Robin's Yorkie Nest and this little piece of the "net" - I am a proud Yorkie mom to Carli, Muffy, Lacey, Dice, Casey, Reilly, Bailey, and my newest addition, Jack...yes, I LOVE Yorkies! I am married to the “love of my life”, Joe, and we have two sons and three daughters. It is with the support of my loving family that I have made my dreams come true - this site being one of them.


     Years ago my son’s girlfriend bought her new “Yorkie” for a visit. I fell in love with the breed immediately and fell even more in love with the fact that the breed does not shed which fit my families needs perfectly! Shortly thereafter, I connected with Linda Clark, a Yorkie breeder for many years. Her support has been amazing as I became a Yorkie owner myself. I purchased my first Yorkie, Toby, from Linda. He was 8 months old and very smart (which I have since learned that all Yorkies are). Toby was also very loveable and I found it wonderful owning a small dog that loved to travel. Through Toby, I launched my own line of custom dog toys/accessories Robin's Stitches. As a result, I was able to blend my love for the breed with my passion for sewing.


     I have dedicated much time through the years learning as much about the Yorkie breed as possible. During this time, I decided to start my own breeding program where I breed for quality not quantity. New puppies are very carefully handled and loved like my own. I also practice the Bio Sensory Program (BSP) on every puppy that I have which consists of 5 exercises that each puppy goes through from day 3 to day 16. BSP encourages early stimulation to the nervous system. This program leads to smarter/healthier pups.

All of my Yorkie puppies receive a hand-made custom bed and harness/leash of their very own. I found that when a new Yorkie has its own items they transition with less problems which makes it easier on you and them. Most times, they don’t even cry the first night.


     My support does not end when you leave with your new Yorkie. It continues through the life of your Yorkie. Along with your puppy, you become part of the family. We love pictures…..lots and lots of pictures (see my Facebook page).  Yorkies are like potato chips: “you can’t have just one”. Many customers return for seconds and thirds….

References are available upon request. If you are interested in any of the puppies you see listed for sale, please contact me.


      Besides raising yorkies and sewing for paw babies, I also sell various other items. I love crafting and I make homemade wreaths. I also sell Norwex and DoTerra Oils. You can get all your pet needs in my in home store in Hughsville PA. I make toys, sell speciality dog food and treats, and make custom car seats to help keep your baby safe. Visit my store to learn more: www.robinswreathery.com

About the Yorkie Nest Puppy Room

I have a special room built in my house for all my yorkies. When your yorkie is first born they stay in my dinning room or living room. Eventually they will graduate to the puppy room. This is where all my adult yorkies hang out. After the puppies have been weaned they graduate to this room. It is here that they usually stay for 4 weeks. The puppies interact with the adults. This is where they complete their training before they go to their new home. One week before they leave they learn to sleep by themselves. It prepares them for their new home. Since they are already used to sleeping by themselves they don't even cry. Just ask any of my puppy parents!

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